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Adorable little creature but can be easily killed by stress :-(


ROCHESTER, Kent, United Kingdom

Posted Dec 18, 2015

I've had the pleasure to look after Elmo for only 3 months although I have several years of experience with other frogs.
I've placed her initially in rather simple setup with all necessary equipment, i.e. heater, filter, UV light. She was very happy and doing well.
After 3 months I decided to upgrade the enclosure into something slightly bigger, better decorated and more interactive with more places to hide and climb onto . She died within few hours :-(.
There was nothing unsuitable in the new enclosure, no chemicals, RO water, same environmental conditions like in the previous one.
Yet, she was stressed and wanted to get out. I thought, that it was quiet normal reaction to the new environment and she needs the time to settle down so I decided to leave her in peace overnight . As mentioned before , sadly she's never settled down ....
There was one factor I can think of could have had contributed to stress- reduced all round visibility comparing to her previous setup.
Elmo was an inquisitive little frog who always liked to observe what was going around her. She was approaching the glass when someone was present in the room and eyeing person vigorously.
Her new setup obscured her view by cork panels on 3 different sides . In contrast her old one was transparent.
Although I can't be certain that was the main problem I would never place Budgett's frog in the same setup again. It needs places to hide within its enclosure but I would always ensure that it doesn't feel 'boxed'.
Health wise, I had no issue with her other that being routinely dewormed by vet 2 months earlier(lungworm).
I can't confirm the general information about their fierce and vicious temperament from my observations.
Quiet the opposite-she was the sweetest frog anyone could ask for! Never tried to bite or make warning sounds.
She was handled occasionally but not over handled. I was adjusting the frequency and duration of handling to how tame she was becoming and it worked. After some time she was easily relaxing in my hand and even appeared to be falling asleep.
Maybe just she was a very special and unique Freddie Krugger frog :-)-certainly she was for me and will be sadly missed.
I look forward to house another one in the future with open arms.:-)

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