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Azureus – The blue dart frog


Lancaster, Ohio, United States

Posted Jul 20, 2012

The blue dart frog is a very
beautiful species to work with. They come from the rainforest. Dart frogs get
their name from the method of which the native people would hunt. They would
catch the frog and rub their arrows on the back of the frog. Once they shot and
killed an animal all they would have to do is cook the meat and the poison
would be gone. Poison dart frogs are poisonous not venomous. I have heard this
several times and just wanted to say that.

What’s interesting about this species
is that most of them are not poisonous in captivity. They get their poison
through the insects they eat in the wild. This does not mean that you should
touch them though. They are extremely fragile and can soak in anything through
their skin. So if you washed your hands, used hand sanitizer, get food on your
hand or just your skin oils can soak into their skin and potentially kill them.

For this and several others I would
only tell people with a lot of animal experience to take care of them. One
reason is that you have to constantly breed fruit flies for their food. Another
is that since their skin is so absorbent you have to make sure their water is
free of any chemicals. Also their aquarium has to be alive. It needs live
plants and some type of natural filter system. This is to ensure that the frogs
have constant high humidity.

Before I got this species I spent
well over a month researching them and buying books to read up on. Again this
is for experienced handlers only. With proper care though, this can be the most
beautify animal in your collection, if not for the animal than for the setup. As
with any animal, proper education and research is required before making a
purchase. I cannot stress this enough for dart frogs.

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