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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Posted Sep 15, 2011

Dendrobates azureus are some of the friendliest frogs in the world. Outgoing and sociable, they like to approach the glass and examine passerby. Although they shouldn't be touched, they can be interacted with nonetheless. Sometimes they go out of their way just to examine something; they're probably the boldest and most curious of the poison dart frogs. Another thing to note is their intelligence; they're very smart critters. They learn, they're curious, and they can remember. As far as personality goes, these must be at the very top as far as amphibians are concerned.
Just like all poison dart frogs, they require a small amount of ventilation, but a large amount of humidity. Therefore, they should be given a completely glass vivarium with an opening glass top. Lift the top every day and squirt the environment with a handheld spray bottle, using BOTTLED water, as tap water containes chemicals like chlorine, which can burn the frogs' skins, and flouride, which is toxic to them. Alternatively, you can use a fog or drip system to moisturize the frogs- but again, only fill it with bottled water. Moisturize the frogs from twice a day to once every other day, depending on how humid the surfaces look. Provide humidity at least every other day, or the frogs will die. Temperature is another problem- they're sensitive to high temperatures. Keep the viv between 70 and 80 degrees- room temperature or slightly higher. They can be aggressive to unfamiliar frogs- introducing new ones must be done with caution and when the residents may not be as defensive of their territory- after a slight remodel of their vivarium, for example. In the breeding season, females fight over males; if you are looking for a completely peaceful vivarium, either buy two males or one male and one female. On the other hand, if you want more natural behavior, feel free to get a large group.
D. azureus are some of the best frogs you can get.

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