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Kermit with a bite.


Ontario, Canada

Posted Feb 03, 2014

I can honestly say that I've never actually thought I was going to own poisonous dart frogs. My mom was a rather impulsive person and when she went into the pet store and saw these little guys (Green and blue), she instantly knew they'd look incredible in her office at work since that's largely where she entertained clients. The little guys lasted three months there before she brought them back home and set them up in our living room with one motive in mind - making me the primary caregiver. And lightening up the place.

Their diet wasn't one that was easy to cater to in a small town. We'd have to go into the pet store and directly order a box of 2,500-5,000 crickets (Which set us back $50.00-75.00 every few weeks) for these bright beauties to chow down on. Then from there we'd need to carefully open the box and try our best not to have crickets planning their great escape from the box... Which they did at one point and even with three cats and a dog, we were hearing crickets chirping in triumph of their escape.... For WEEKS.

As you can imagine, with dart frogs, you didn't exactly buy them to handle them. I've always been a much more hands on person, so the fact I couldn't cuddle these guys (and didn't exactly want to) or take them out for walks, wasn't all too thrilling.

They are beautiful to look at though, they're a huge conversation piece, and let's face it, they're a pretty cool pet to own if you're into the whole look but don't touch thing. Usually they always preferred laying out on the foliage we provided in plain view, rarely retreating into areas we couldn't see.

Providing a perfect habitat didn't feel like the easiest feat because these little guys were our first aquarium pets and we relied on the internet and local pet store for most of our help. It was a trial period with a lot of things though and ended up with hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, foods, and other things going to waste.

My favorite, personally, was when they'd go for a bath in their water dish because they seemed the most active then. I'd also highly recommend getting a little fog/humidity machine for them because they enjoyed that a lot. All and all, they're gorgeous but if you've got A.D.D, or are much more hands on like myself, you might not be into the whole dart frog thing. Also, crickets suck, especially when they get out of the box, remember that! It'll happen, no matter how careful you are.

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