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Posted Sep 20, 2014

I had Alex for 10 years and he was already an adult when he was given to me, so an Axolotl is certainly a pet you need to be able to commit to for a long time, although the care and attention needed are fairly minimal.

I have two VERY important pieces of advice for anyone with, or planning to get, an Axolotl as many people do not care for them properly and this shortens their life spans badly.

Firstly - A tip on feeding. I have read about people swapping from small, live fish for their axolotl to dead fish, which will not work when simply dropped in a tank.

The trick to feeding the axolotl non-living food is to get a wooden skewer or thin stick, (be sure to blunt the end if it is sharp, just in case,) then carefully pierce one end of the meat or fish and move it around in front of your pet axolotl in the water, keeping the side with the stick in it away from him/her to avoid accidental biting. Only put the stick in a little way so you can easily pull it out without taking the food along with it after the axolotl has a hold of it. I would feed Alex once a day, but if he didn't eat I'd try again 12 hours later, just in case.
*Be careful to watch them eat, food dropped in the water and left is very bad after a few days as it rots.

Secondly, cleaning - some people struggle to clean the tanks as they worry about the axolotl being out of the water. The trick is to put him in a smaller container of water for a short time, then empty out the tank using a siphon method, like you might do with gas from a car. Just get a long length of hose, put one end in the water and suck on the other end until water starts flowing into a nearby bucket. Replace the water once done.

These two tips will help keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come :-)

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