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United Kingdom

Posted Nov 11, 2013

During my time owning reptiles and amphibians, I had many different species. Whilst in my local pet shop one day, I came across an amphibian that was rather unusual. I asked the owner about it and he told me it was an Axolotl. I was pretty interested and decided to research them when returning home. After some research, I found they were pretty interesting and would be a pretty unique addition to my pet assortment.

The axolotl is a salamander that retains its aquatic form and avoids metamorphosis (the act becoming terrestrial) by maturing into its sexual re-productivity before becoming terrestrial. This means it has gills and has to live in water and feeds from what you'd expect other aquatic animals to feed (worms, shrimp, etc.). I personally fed my axolotl fish pellets to ensure it acquired all of the necessary nutrients.

My axolotl resided in a 15-gallon tank which was of course full of water. Using a filter, all that is required is around a quarter of the tanks water to be changed weekly. Changing too much of the water at one time can cause problems for the axolotl so be sure to avoid this.

I used fairly big gravel at the bottom of my tank and added some ornaments for aesthetic reasons - just a few little stones and plastic plants, nothing fancy. I always like to give my pets somewhere to run away and hide so I included a stone castle which is easily obtained at most pet shops.

A few tips for you - I suggest keeping them in a fairly cool room and not under a window or anywhere that may be in direct heat or sunlight since their water has to be kept pretty cool. For the same reason, no heating is required and no lights or other equipment is needed. As I'm sure you've assumed, these aren't pets you can really handle - but very intriguing nonetheless!

There is not much to keeping axolotls and they don't really have much to offer an owner besides the "wow!" factor you may receive from people first encountering them. I had mine for about 6 months but overall found the experience very easy.

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