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Pedro-My Mexican Walking Fish



Posted Aug 18, 2013

I fell in love with Pedro at first sight. He (well it could have been a she), looked like he was kissing the aquarium window and begging me to get him home. I bought a fish tank all the necessary objects to keep my Pedro happy and away home we went. I knew he wasn't a fish as the pet shop owner gave me quite a talk about that and how I was to keep him safe and healthy.

Pedro was white or albino. I set up his tank in my bedroom and was rather fixated watching him walking happily around his new home. He was especially active in the early morning and as I was settling to go to bed.

I fed him every 2-3 nights. The pet store sold to me food specifically for axolotls. I sometimes gave him worms from the garden but mostly just the pet store food. I liked to ensure his tank was clean so made sure to give his tank a good clean once a week.

Pedro lived happily with me for two months. I went away for a week and left strict instructions for my house mate to feed him. I got a phone call to say that my Pedro had disappeared. When I arrived home, I found he had somehow got out of the tank and died.

Would I recommend a axolotl? Yes and No. I would recommend this kind of pet to children over 8 years of age, who can understand that walking does not mean walking outside of the tank. I once walked in to see my young nephew with Pedro out of water as he wanted to see 'how he walked.' If you have a cat, axolotls are easy prey so keep a close eye out for your feline friend. Furthermore, If you want your axolotl to share the tank with other fish this is a not a good idea. Axolotls are solitary creatures and will probably eat or attack any other creature it shares it space with.

Pluses: Very little maintenance, easy to feed, no grooming required, very meditative to watch and absolutely gorgeous.

Minuses: Doesn't share well with others, temperature and water flow in tank needs to be controlled, water needs to be replaced often.

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