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Posted Oct 08, 2015

Australian green tree frogs are one of the coolest species of frogs you can commonly find in pet stores. The only thing you need to be aware of when purchasing the frog is they get to be about the size of your hand. You will want to plan their habitat setup appropriately from the start, otherwise you may end up having to buy a new habitat once they outgrow the other one.

Choosing your frog:
When at the pet store it is important to choose an active frog. Be sure to ask the associates when they last ate. If there are crickets in the habitat and it has been more than 24hrs they might be ill or may have been over fed. Typically these guys will gobble up all their crickets in 30 seconds or less unless you have a lot of hiding places for crickets to hide.

Habitat and other supplies:
Minimum 10-20 gallon glass tank (Expect to see them hanging on the side of the glass)
A screen top that fits your habitat
screen clips to keep the top secure to the cage
a coconut substrate (change every week or two)
plenty of fresh moss (change when it gets brown)
a wide array of fake plants, vines and other decor
a reptile light timer (to switch from daylights to night lights)
three domes for lighting
a uvb tropical bulb
a basking light bulb 75watt
a night light bulb (red or purple) 75 watt
a misting bottle or auto mister (if you aren't able to mist 3 times a day go for the auto mister) you want a very high humidity.
temp and humidity gauge
you will also want a container that you can put them in while you are cleaning their habitat, even a tupperware container with holes punched in will work for a temporary holding cage
you will also need to purchase crickets, some people keep the crickets in cricket habitats and even breed them. Otherwise look at stopping at a pet store 1-2 times a week for crickets. When young they will eat 3-5 small crickets each day. As they get older you can increase the cricket size.

These frogs are quite active and love to climb. They really love to climb into corners, so be careful when opening the lid that they do not jump out. If you do need to handle your frog keep your hands free of lotions or perfumed soaps, apply a mist of water to your hands. These guys will climb up your hands, so be prepared to do a bit of quick shuffling. I recommend holding them over their habitat only a few inches off the bottom.
Any questions or comments feel free to share and I will get back to you asap

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