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Posted Aug 12, 2015

Frogs don't like being handled, so having a tank is really more of a visual highlight. Setting up the tank with the correct carbon filter, wet, damp and dry areas is expensive and the tank must be housed in specific lighting conditions too. It's important to do this professionally and not just dump them in an old fish tank as frogs are fragile and will die easily.

The tank environment has a disgusting smell, even when insulated and correctly installed. It doesn't smell as bad as turtles do, but when you enter the home you can smell something damp in the air. My tank system was installed by a professional so I know it's a frog issue and not a filtration issue. I won't be replacing them as I am tired of the constant work. I actually have frogs in the back garden too, but they are not as beautiful or vividly coloured as my 'inmates'.

I have an ample supply of blood worms in my backyard and this provides the food. You can encourage blood worms by leaving a contained full of water underneath a lemon tree. Cover the container with a loose cover and leave it for 6 months. By then, you should have an established food source and then you're ready to get frogs. This has worked for every frog owner I've met. I have no idea why.Just be careful in Australia as water sources also attract snakes, never leave children to check the blood worm pond progress by themselves and tap the lid before lifting.

Tadpoles are fascinating and viewing the developing frog really is fascinating. For this reason, it's worth paying extra to have tank glass that is magnified so you can really see what's going on inside the water are of the tank.

I actually installed an elaborate system to show the cycle from tadpole to frog for a home-schooling experiment and it has been educational and instructive, but when this life cycle finishes, I won't be doing it again.

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