Australian Green Tree Frog

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New South Wales, Australia

Posted Nov 05, 2014

I've always had a love of frogs so it was only a matter of time until I bought a real life frog! They are very easy to look after, minimal cleaning required. Feeding varies, but mine live on crickets and the occasional meal worm. A dusting of calcium powder on the insects is used from time to time aswell to help the frogs - especially when I've had baby ones. The hardest thing with feeding is that you need to have live food, so a ready supply of insects is required. Most pet shops in Australia sell crickets and if you want, you can even breed your own.

I've had/have a few different frogs over the years and all of them have been handled. Most of them get used to the handling and will happily sit with you or crawl around. One of my current ones will even jump out of it's cage on to me if i'm not careful.

As far as housing is concerned, the set up cost is not cheap. You will need your enclosure, plus heat mat or heat lamp, thermometer, UV light, plus decorations for froggy to climb on and hide in. The UV lights need to be replaced a regular intervals aswell.

You will also need to apply for a licence to own a frog in NSW and, I believe, most states in Australia. There is a yearly cost involved in renewing this and also requires yearly reporting. In NSW frogs can not be sold in pet shops so you do need to buy from a breeder.

None of my frogs have ever been really vocal, you do hear them croaking from time to time, but it's never constant and never really enough to worry you. Mine live in a cage in the kitchen, near the back door and it's funny how they get excited when they hear rain and storms, there is always a lot of croaking going on then!

All in all, I love owning my frogs and they aren't really hard work, it's nice to have a pet that is a little bit different.

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