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Posted Aug 30, 2014

Most tree frogs are cute, but White’s tree frogs are especially adorable. They always look like they’re smiling. These large frogs have a slow, docile disposition that makes them easy to handle.

Young White’s tree frogs jump around some when picked up, but these frogs quickly become lethargic as they grow. Adults that are used to being handled will sometimes climb up onto an offered hand. Mine would happily lounge on my hand until I set him down.

Even though they are very tolerant of handling, like any other amphibian, White’s tree frogs are sensitive to contaminates from your hands. They should not be handled with dry hands or anymore than necessary.

They’re also not for you if you’re looking for an active frog to watch hopping about. White’s tree frogs aren’t even all that active when they’re hunting. Mostly they prefer to wait for their food to wander by.

Despite their apparent lack of hunting motivation, they do have a ravenous appetite and because they are so inactive, you need to be careful not to overfeed them. Particularly well-fed specimens develop large folds of skin, some of which is normal, but they can become obese. Given the option, these lazy hunters will happily sit in front of a bowl of offered grubs or worms and gorge themselves.

White’s tree frogs will eat a wide variety of invertebrates, although, you should try to include some like crickets that at least make them have to do a bit of stalking. They do require live food and the more variety in their diet the better.

Their tank needs to be kept humid and heated, but even though they are large, they don’t need a particularly large habitat. They like to spend much of their time during the day perched on logs. Even at night, you may catch these nocturnal frogs wandering down for a snack or to hang out in the water, but they tend to stroll, not race around.

The males do vocalize, which I didn’t realize until I first heard mine doing it. Early one morning, I heard a noise I couldn’t identify and followed it to the living room where Prince was croaking. Their croak sounds a bit like a dog bark and would be loud in a bedroom, but isn’t bothersome in another room and I really enjoyed the sound.

White’s tree frogs are extremely calm, cute frogs with a wonderful disposition and easy to fulfill needs.

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