Australian Green Tree Frog

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Posted Jun 14, 2014

I had an Australian green tree frog (also called a “White's tree frog”) named “Clark” for roughly three years. I housed him in a larger tropical terrarium with a few other amphibians and reptiles, and never had any problems with him. These are common in pet stores, and due to their cute appearance and ease of care, they remain one of the most popular pet frogs. They are not particularly skittish or overly active, and mostly seem to prefer lying around.

White's tree frogs are docile and receptive to handling. However, as amphibians, frogs need a moist environment, and should not spend too much time out of their cage. Tree frogs naturally live in tropical environments, so a moist, warm, and humid terrarium is needed for them to thrive and stay healthy. They like to eat live insects, and when they get large enough, may also enjoy small feeder mice (if you're okay with that!). Also remember to always wash your hands after handling them, as their moist skin can house a lot of bacteria that you do not want to spread around or accidentally ingest.

I got Clark when he was very small, but I ended up being surprised at how big he grew, and eventually had to give him away. They can live for quite a few years in a good captive environment, and can grow up to 5 inches in length. They are pudgy and cute, and while not a good pet for someone who likes to handle their animals often, they are easy to care for and make an excellent addition to a tropical terrarium. Be warned, however, that they are not picky eaters, and may try to eat anything smaller than them – including your other animals! Do not keep them with any smaller animals, or they might go missing!

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