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Whites Tree Frog - A Cold Blooded Cutie!


Cumbria, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 12, 2014

Many years ago, before I had even considered opening my own pet shop, I was such an avid amphibian collector that my local exotics specialist used to call me whenever he had new stock in. I’ve always preferred toads over frogs for some reason, but when I saw this tiny little tree frog – no bigger than my thumbnail – I instantly fell in love. With his flawless pale green skin and his still streamlined body, he looked like a tiny little ornament. That’s how I came to own Goliath.
After a few months, Goliath grew in to a beautiful adult frog, putting on a lot of weight and looking more and more like a chubby little cuddly toy.

Whites Tree Frogs are a very popular species and instantly recognised by experts and novices alike. They come in a range of shades – from a pale green to a dark olive colour. Sometimes they can even have a shade of blue to them. Like many other frogs, their shade can change due to mood, heating e.t.c. They have chubby, smiling faces and often get little ‘fat rolls’ giving them a podgy, cuddly look.

These are a particularly easy species to care for and require a similar set up to many other frogs and toads. When choosing a vivarium, you should get something taller as this species is arboreal, meaning they like to climb. They are generally good natured, easy to handle and very placid.

The main problem I have found with this species is that they tend to be very greedy and over-eat, so you will need to keep an eye on their diet and weight. They are also fairly lazy, preferring to sit around all day until some prey walks past rather than go hunting.

If you’re looking for a cute little amphibian that is easy to care for and doesn’t mind being handled, then you should definitely consider this breed of tree frog. I doubt you could find a cuter species!

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