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Woody the frog - My son's first pet



Posted Feb 23, 2014

For his 7th birthday we gave our son an Australian Green Tree Frog. He named him Woody, after the Toy Story character and they have been best mates ever since.

I believe it is important to instill a respect for animals and a sense of responsibility in our kids so we have always insisted that Zak be involved in looking after Woody. He has for the most part been pretty good and enjoys looking after him.

With frogs you do have a little bit of initial expense with their new home. We used one of my old aquariums and I made a cover out of fibreglass mesh with a wooden frame. Heating is important since exposure to temperatures below 10°C for an extended period will likely kill your frog. We have the aquarium partially filled with water, with rocks, plants and branches coming out of the water. A regular aquarium water heater keeps the temperature in the tank fairly stable. I also set up a small pump to create a waterfall which helps with the temperature and keeps the humidity levels up.

Although mostly nocturnal Green Tree Frogs also need exposure to a certain amount of UV light. We use similar fluorescent lights to those I use in my planted aquariums. I have them on a timer set to give 8 hours light a day.

Water quality is also important. We don't use a filter but we have a lot of plants and we change about half the water every week, refilling with rainwater. If you're using tap water it's important to add a chlorine neutraliser.

As for feeding, Woody's staple diet consists of crickets from the pet store but occasionally Zak will catch some other insects for him and seems to enjoy a bit of variety. We also dust his crickets with calcium powder and multivitamin powder every other feeding. He only gets fed a 2 or 3 times a week which is plenty.

Zak does take him out and handle him from time to time and he doesn't seem to mind too much. All in all an Australian Green Tree Frog is a fun pet and I would highly recommend one for anyone, especially kids.

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