Australian Green Tree Frog

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Posted Jul 03, 2013

I owned my Australian tree frogs when I was about 15 years old. I had a total of 4 frogs over a 2 year period. These frogs are pretty cool animals to have if you are willing to put a little work into them. If you want a cheap animal I would not suggest these as your first option.

They require an aquarium and need to be kept at a certain temperature; not too cold and not too hot. This makes leaving for extended periods of time such as for vacation a little tricky. They also need to be in a humid atmosphere so be prepared to spray them. But be careful I over sprayed my first 2 and that's how they died. Poor little guys.

When it comes to feeding them, I used crickets for mine but there are a variety of different options. The crickets were pretty cheap, but it was interesting trying to feed them. You can't really count the number of crickets so usually you end up with them all in the frog's water. You have to fish them out or it makes the water funny. Also, be careful because if they get out of the little box you will have them all throughout your room.

I was able to get my first 2 frogs at Petco and my last to at a random pet store. They were only about $10-15 a piece so not too bad. I did get a "guarantee" [kind of weird for an animal] for 30 days so when I killed my first 2 I got my money back.

Overall these little froggies are adorable and I would say anyone could enjoy them. Be prepared to put a little work in and you will have little cute frogs to play with for a while. They can live for a while and grow BIG, like size of a man's palm big. The older ones even sound like a dog when they croak. Wish mine had lived that long!

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