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Posted May 03, 2014

Carl is my Asian Painted frog. He's a small round frog with a yellow stripe "painted" on each side.

Asian Painted frogs are native to southeast Asia and live in a wide variety of habitats. They can be found in populated villages, rice fields, and on the leafy forest grounds.

Typical to the amphibian species, these frogs are known for their seasonal activities. They are busiest after storms during the rainy season and more reclusive during dry months.

All Asian Painted frog pets are wild caught. Fortunately, their hardiness enables them to endure transport well. However, some individual frogs may not take to shipping well and the stress from being removed from the wild or kept in poor conditions at pet stores can cause health problems. When selecting your frog, make sure it has good weight, clear eyes, and no abrasions or open wounds. A healthy undisturbed frog will remain hidden or partially buried during the day unless food is around.

A standard 10 gallon tank is sufficient for housing, as these frogs are not large or active. Tight fitting screen is essential to prevent these climbers from escaping.

Asian Painted frogs need a moist substrate. I use pet safe soil so I can keep live plants to simulate my captive's natural environment. This makes adjustment from the wild to captivity easier, and ensuring a "happy hopper." Avoid gravel, sand, bark chippings, etc. because they can be easily swallowed and harm the little guy.

African Painted frogs tolerate a wide range of temperatures. During the day a temperature of 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit and a decrease at night are acceptable. Occasional warm days or cool nights are okay for healthy frogs.

In the wild, an increase in humidity and moisture initiates breeding. Misting a part of the tank a few times a week will help create a humid area and increase activity.

These fellows have a hearty appetite and will eat most common feeder insects. Crickets should be the majority of your Asian Painted frog's diet. Every few feedings you can replace the cricket cuisine with earthworms, silk worms, and meal worms.

Your frog needs a water dish big enough for him to soak in. Never use tap water. Spring water is highly recommended. Personally, being an owner of quite a few reptiles and amphibians, I boil water no less than 10 minutes and store it for my pets. (This water also keeps the aquarium walls cleaner after misting, as well.)

Carl is an enjoyable frog. I do not handle him often. When I do, I make sure to wash my hands before and after touching him. My enjoyment comes from simply watching my Asian Painted frog happy in the environment I provide him.

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