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Pacman Frog


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Posted May 16, 2016

The Pacman Frog, also known as the Argentine Horned Frog, is an interesting and rewarding pet for the right person.

Firstly, Pacman Frogs come in a variety of morphs. Their color can vary greatly from their dark green coloration, all the way to various albino variations.

Like most frogs, Pacman Frogs are not a hands-on pet. They should be observed, and not handled unless absolutely necessary. Pacman Frogs get their namesake from their voracious appetite. Take heed that your Pacman doesn't mistake your dangling fingers for a tasty worm, they're one of the few frogs in the world with teeth-like appendages.

The Pacman's feeding response is one of largest rewards for owning one. They are opportunistic ambush predators that will gobble down any small animal that fits in their mouth. I feed mine on a staple of crickets, with appropriately sized thawed mice and worms for good measure.

If you feed mice to your Pacman, make sure you do it sparingly. I try to feed mine a mouse once a month. If you overfeed your Pacman on rodents you risk giving it a fatty liver, which can be fatal.

The Pacman's habitat is relatively simple to put together. A single Pacman will do well with moist coconut fiber substrate. Make sure the substrate stays wet either from misting throughout the day, or from setting up a misting system. An empty milk jug with holes poked in the bottom works well. If your Pacman becomes too dry, it will enter a state of hibernation.

You can keep your Pacman at room temperature as long as the area stays around 80 degrees, so no special heating is required.

As stated above, these frogs are ambush predators. As such, they do not move very much, preferring to bury themselves under substrate and wait for prey to wander by. If you're looking for an active frog that will constantly hop about, look elsewhere.

If you are however looking for an interesting carnivore with an intermediate care level, the Pacman Frog might be for you.

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