Argentine Horned Frog

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Cardiff, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 14, 2015

I love pacman (named for their shape) frogs, but they really don't do much at all. In the wild these frogs will dig down into the earth, creating a dark, moist hole, often covering themselves up. Then they will sit there, and wait. They will wait forever, until a prey item happens to walk up and then they will simply spring up, open their mouths, hope that the creature falls into it and back to their hole. In captivity, they are pretty similar.

You can dig them out and hold them, but otherwise you're not going to be seeing much happen. If you want to make it more interesting, you can feed them (but use tongs!) and watching them eat is quite interesting. I feed babies live locusts; but most of my adults will eat defrosted mice instead. I call them the dustbins of my collection. If a snake doesn't want to eat that week, one of my horned frogs will always eat the leftovers.

Don't be tempted to give them a large enclosure with a large water area. This frog can't swim - and will actually drown if it accidentally wanders into the water area and can't manage to get out. They have tiny legs, and walking or hopping is quite difficult for them. Giving them lots of space is admirable, but all you'll get is multiple holes in different locations and the frog may very occasionally move between them.

Very simple to look after, but not really that rewarding - this could actually make them quite suitable for children who don't want to give them much time & attention, but want to be able to get him out and hold him and feed him. Just bear in mind that this frog does still require specific temperatures and humidity - so you will need a reptile enclosure with the right heating and it needs to be sprayed with the right amount of water, so parents will need to ensure the setup is correct and supervise.

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