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A Nommin' Good Time - Paceman Frog


South Carolina, United States

Posted Jan 31, 2015

I fell in love with these little guys when I saw an albino on the internet! These guys are so cute with their big ol’ mouths! Whenever I look at them, all I think of is “nom nom nom”! The only thing I’ve found with any kind of frog really is you have to be careful about the water you give them. A friend of mine sprayed them with reverse osmosis water which is actually really bad for them. Any kind of chemicals in the water are really, really bad. So be sure to make that a first big priority as it’s something that most first time owners forget. I did at first, but quickly rectified the situation.

The good thing with these guys is, as babies, they can be kept in small enclosures. I used a sterilite with a cut screened area on top to keep ventilation. It’s perfect for smaller frogs. I got my guy at a reptile show, cutest little albino on display. The only problem with these guys, however, is when they are sick you never really know until it’s too late. As it is with most reptiles. Also babies have a bad habit of getting impacted. They are a bit clumsy as eaters! But they are also big eaters and do very well on dubia roaches and crickets! I love these guys, though they can be a bit fragile. Not really for kids, as you can’t handle them. Their skin is like paper and can get torn easily. Great display animals and very fun to watch eat!

Be careful with who you buy from. I bought from a seller who was actually a re-seller and didn’t actually know how to take care of the animals. I wasn’t paying attention at the time, but when I got him home it looked like his lower lip was a little bit uneven. I don’t know what happened with him before I got him, but he ended up passing away three months down the line.

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