Argentine Horned Frog

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Posted Sep 10, 2014

Argentine horned frogs are hilariously adorable. They have giant mouths and even bigger appetites while also possibly being the laziest frogs on the planet.

Despite the fact that they get large, these frogs can comfortably be kept in a ten gallon tank because they rarely move unless they are eating and even then are more of an ambush predator.

While they don’t need a large enclosure, they should not be kept in the fish bowls that they’re often seen in at pet stores. They don’t move a lot, but they are sensitive to an unsanitary environment and with all the food they eat, it would be near to impossible to keep a micro enclosure sanitary.

This is a tropical species that does require supplemental heating so their enclosure should also be large enough that they can move towards or away from a heat lamp. These frogs don’t swim, but they do like to wade in shallow water.

Horned frogs spend the majority of their time bedded down in damp substrate and do require a humid environment. That’s fairly easy to maintain in a small enclosure by misting the bedding and with the evaporation from their water dish.

These frogs will literally eat anything that moves. They prefer grub and worm type insects that don’t require as much chasing as crickets, but they’ll waddle after crickets as well and are fairly effective at catching them.

They should be kept singly since they can be territorial and will happily eat other frogs. Because of their large size and calm disposition with people, horned frogs are easy to handle. However, like any amphibian they are sensitive to contaminants on hands and shouldn’t be handled too often.

Argentine horned frogs aren’t active, but they are generally visible and are a particularly cute, easy to care for frog.

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