Argentine Horned Frog

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Pac-Man Frog, Unique if Your Looking 4 Something a Bit Diff From the Norm


Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

Posted Aug 20, 2009

Pac-Man frogs are umm well I suppose other people would think of the argentine horned frog as "boring" mainly because of the activity level...they don't move around much...like at all sometimes for months at a time (at least mine doesn’t move xD) and not to mention their temperate, they are voracious eaters and with try to grab anything that moves so in other words bite and hard!, they have little teeth sort of like anole lizards, but have strong jaws so when u do get bit it really hurts (I handle mine every now and then, and he has bit me a couple of times. The last time he bit me pretty hard and left teeth marks (even bled a tiny bit ) nothing a band-aid couldn't fix though (and maybe a fowl word or 2...lol...) anyways besides the point, the good side is I think they can be quite pretty because of their patterns are sooo symmetrical and they come in a variety of colors of browns, blacks, yellows, and greens and not too mention the way their croak sounds, mine is normally quiet but if I get "loud" he’s my little "volume reminder" (see my story xD) They are quite easy to keep healthy a long as you keep their tank clean, mines is coconut husk or bedding that really soaks up a lot of water (I use T-Rex brand jungle blend) and every few weeks I’ll change it out completely. It is important to keep your frog's tank clean to prevent illnesses such as bacterial infections or rashes (slightly pinkish tinge to their underbellies) and gnats. Those little baby flies either xP If you're responsible enough to keep the tank clean you should have no problem with this species of frog, they are probably the definition of a "display pet" xD as most amphibians are I suppose.

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