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Befriending a Wild Baby Toad


United States

Posted Oct 01, 2014

I was about 12 when I discovered a small baby toad kept appearing in the garden at our cabin. Often times he would get stuck in the planters and I would help him escape. As it started to get colder and I became more friendly with this little toad, I took him home with me and built him a habitat out of an old tank used for one of my lizards. I looked into his environmental needs and he didn't require much. He was even able to eat the same crickets and vegetables as my bearded dragon I owned at the time. He liked to burrow in the dirt and play in his water dish, which meant I had to clean it daily. He didn't do too much other than eat, burrow, and play in his personal pond. He didn't 'hate' being picked up or handled, but it wasn't his favorite thing to do. He would sit in my hands without problem and I could feed him mealworms, but I knew he'd rather be playing in his tank. He never showed any medical or health issues, and never really had any temperament or diet issues. He was happy in his new home, and loved to eat food like a king.
He lived about three years -which is about average- before he accidentally smothered himself under his water dish. He had burrowed underneath it, but the weight of the dish caused it to cave in. It was too late when I went to help him.

-low maintenance
-kids love to watch them
-cheap to maintain and get
-diet is very basic
-no real health issues or allergies
-habitat doesn't require much cleaning
-not loud
-take good care of themselves
-small and easy to handle
-children should be careful when holding as they may jump, pee, or hurt the toad
-don't really do much
-need a strange diet (crickets, worms)
-need a decent amount of space and/or a tank
-pretty boring to look at
-not all to friendly/don't like being held
-hard to find/see in their tank

Toads make great small, exotic pets that are low maintenance and cheap. They are not aggressive, generally don't bite, and don't require much to thrive. Children love to watch and hold them, but should be supervised for the safety of the toad. Owning a toad was an interesting experience, and helped me learn about their habitats and daily lives. If you want an active, exciting exotic pet, however, I don't think a toad is for you.

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