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A Toad-al Accidental Pet


United States

Posted Mar 01, 2014

I have never been particular fond of Toads. I have always had zero desire to hold one, touch one, or even own one. But nonetheless I did for about 6 months have a Toad I named Toadster.

Having Toadster as a pet happened completely by accident. I began collecting frog "stuff" as a young girl and later used my collection to decorate my bathroom as a teen. My collection included stuffed animals, figurines, towels, a toilet seat cover, a shower curtain, soap dishes, picture frames, wall hangings, and honestly the list could go on and on. My bedroom and bathroom was located in our finished basement which was designed to have a rustic feel to it. My bedroom walls where made from rescued old barn wood and my bathroom had a shower made of rocks.

Living in the basement, even a finished basement in the country, I saw my share of critters. I would often see spiders, bugs, and mice, once I even found a small garden snake curled up on a rock in my shower. He was the size of a large earthworm, but nonetheless I did at least on one occasion shower with a snake!

One evening when I was 17 I came home one night late following a school activity and was exhausted and looking forward to collapsing into my bed. Going into the bathroom I began to brush my teeth, as I was brushing, I noticed a frog figurine sitting next to the sink. Starring at it, I began to wonder when and where I had gotten that frog and who had placed it there as I was fairly certain I had never seen him before. Befuddled, I reached my hand towards him and screamed when he blinked at me! Panicked, I tried to devise a plan to capture him as I was fearful of him being loose in the basement. I found a large bowl and punctured the lid to allow him to get air, now came the hard part, getting the frog in the bowl! As I mentioned above, I had zero desire to touch let alone pick up a frog or a toad! While I completely loved fake frogs, I had no use for the real deal! After much procrastination, a few screams and a bit of yelling I came to the startling conclusion that I was in fact going to have to scoop up this little guy and put him in the bowl, especially since everyone in the house was asleep and no one seemed to hear any of my fearful screams. Mustering the little bit of braveness I possessed for slimy creatures such as these, I lined my hand up with the frog, held my breath and grabbed him! Placing him in the bowl, I snapped the lid on tight and ran to the sink to wash my hands. Thoroughly exhausted from my late night shenanigans, I placed the bowl on the sink and went to bed.

The next morning, my Dad came to see my new friend and informed me that he was not in fact a frog at all but rather an American Toad. He recommended that maybe I should keep him and that he would make a nice addition to my collection and bathroom décor. We had an small glass fish aquarium in the garage that was not being used that I made into his new home.

Naming him Toadster, I came to enjoy caring for my new pet but I still did not enjoy holding him unless I was wearing gloves. He seemed to thrive in his new tank which I created used dirt and some rocks and small sticks. I also placed a dish with water in it for him to swim and drink from. His tank was also equipped with a thermometer and a lamp to keep it cozy for him. At times it was difficult to feed Toadster as finding live bugs for him to eat daily was difficult at times. But I made sure to feed him at least ever other day if not daily. I also had to clean his tank weekly and change his water every day.

After having Toadster for about 6 months I decided that he would be happier back in the wild and that feeding him was proving to be more and more difficult which concerned me for his health. Letting him go was not overly difficult for me to do, while I did enjoy having Toadster it was as I said often difficult to find him adequate food plus I did not love having to handle live bugs to feed him.

Overall, Toadster was a good pet, he wasn't overly work extensive and was easy to care for and did not require much attention. The only real issue I found with Toadster was finding him enough food.

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