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Chico the toad who lives on my patio in his own toad home


United States

Posted Jul 28, 2013

Chico, an american toad lived in a little ceramic toad home on my patio. He showed up one night, and his appearance actually frightened me at first, because he was so strange looking. By the second year, he had grown to be very fat. He would eat a ton of bugs, and for that I was happy.

I used to like to watch him walk in and out of his toad home, he was very interesting. Sometimes he would make these strange noises, and I think he was calling to other toads. His brown skin allowed him to hide from the raccoon that visited each night, under the bushes. When he sat under them, you could hardly see him.

One summer night I was sitting out watching him, listening to him, and he actually called other toads, who came and visited. It was kind of sweet.

I named him Chico, because on the first night that I found him, he had jumped onto a piece of newspaper that I was using to wrap flower pots, and there was a picture on one of the sheets of a boy who won a hot dog eating contest; the caption read, “Chico eats 62 hot dogs, wins contest.” So, I just started calling him Chico, but I do not think he ever knew his name; if he did, he never came when I called him.

Chico was very easy to take care of. As he was wild, I never bought him food, he never had any injuries so I never took him to the vet. The only thing I really ever did for him, was to buy him a Toad Home from a mail order garden supplier for $20. Now and again I catch a glimpse of him; I know its him because he ad a very distinct pattern on his back, tha tsome of the other toads did not have.

I do not know if I would say toads make good pets or not; they are not bad to have around. They eat bugs. And, I do not know why, but they are sort of fun to look at. They are not very active, except at night and then you have to be out after sun down to watch them do anything. I don't pick him up, but I did place a large dinner plate of water on the patio for him. Only one time did I see him sitting in it, so I left it out there for him, just in case he wants it or not. Sometimes we don't get rain for weeks, so to help him out, I put the water out for him.

Not really too much more to say about Chico. He's just there, and I seem him when I see him.

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