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American Green Tree Frog

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Tree Frog Tales


United States

Posted Jan 21, 2015

Perhaps a frog seems like an odd choice for a pet. Without prior knowledge, one might assume that something called the "American Tree Frog" is a pet that requires little maintenance and care. I will assure you, that was not the case with Yin Yang. Although small, these frogs are mighty characters, and it's important to recognize their requirements.

I received Yin Yang from a pet shop about one decade ago. I quickly realized that unlike other tiny animals, amphibians need very specific living conditions. If you're not comfortable maintaining a healthy, moist, PH-stable environment for a frog, it's not the pet for you. Skin needs constant moisture, and there should be plenty of vegetation in its tank.

Now, these frogs are absolutely adorable. There's something oddly comforting about tiny, cold sticky feet climbing up your arm. As you would imagine, these babies are climbers, and I mean that in the most sneaky, tricky way. Countless times, I was absolutely convinced that I lost Yin Yang, only to find him clinging upside-down on the underside of a chair. With that being said, these frogs are highly active, and a watchful eye is crucial. Blink, and they'll be gone.

Perhaps a funny thing to mention is that they leave sticky little trails on walls, floors, etc. I'm sure this is harmless, but you may want to invest in some non-toxic cleaner to have on hand for wiping things down. Along with this is the concept of cleanliness. Always wash your hands before and after handling this little guys. Their porous skin picks up disease quickly.

Unfortunately, my time with Yin Yang was cut short. These frogs eat insects, crickets and worms in particular, but mine was very finicky. One day, Yin Yang stopped eating without any apparent reason or circumstance. After days of adjusting temperature, humidity, food, etc., it became clear something wasn't working. I had to bring him back to the pet shop for proper recovery and care, and I highly suggest you do the same if appetite loss is ongoing. These are great little pets, but quite complex.

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