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Posted May 22, 2016

Years ago there were ads in the back of comic books for pet turtles. Most pet shops carried and sold them to hopeful pet owners. They came with a plastic bowl with an plastic 'island' molded in the middle, This 'island allowed the turtle to climb out and bask themselves in the dry air of a house.
I had one as a child and often took it out for a run on the floor. Then one day, I forgot to retrieve it and the turtle crawled away. About a month later, I noticed this ball of dust slowly moving across the floor and picked it up, only to find my lost turtle under the dust.
The turtles bowl hardly ever got cleaned and the water replaced and this happened in a lot of households. The local Department of health found that this was a breeding ground for salmonella and banned the sale of these turtles in the pet stores.
Both Turtles and Frogs are a similar type of pet. They live a very long time as a pet. With proper care it could be up to 15 years or more. Frogs start in the water as tadpoles, and end up either on dry land or in and out of water for the rest of their lives. Near where I live are some small frogs called Spring Peepers as they make a 'PEEP' sound in the spring.
There never were any of these tadpole peepers in the area, and then my daughter went to a biology class in school and snuck a few out in her pocket. She put them in a wet drainage area and they are still there 'PEEPING' away.
Keeping them as pets, Frogs need to be fed on a regular basis. You may pick up a package at the pet store. If your frog eats live bugs, you can expect to have a few stray bugs running around the house. My son has a pet Savanna Monitor lizard that eats live grasshoppers and frozen mice. This is not for the queasy individual. Frogs may look really cool (or really ugly), but they don't do a lot. They sit around and sometimes croak.
A used small fish aquarium makes an ideal place for your frog pets. You may also need a small plastic container with some holes in the lid to keep your frog safe while you are cleaning their home tank.
Frogs spend a lot of time in water, and so clean water is essential. The water must be declorinated. You can do this with a kit from the pet store or just eave the tap water in a bucket. Please be sure to wash your hands before and after cleaning the tank.
So if you are looking for a pet that is low maintenance and doesn't need to be walked every day then perhaps a pet frog is the one for you.

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