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Benny the Dwarf African Clawed Frog


United States

Posted Jul 30, 2015

Since the day I brought Benny home he has been a happy addition to my aquarium. He is super active and loves to hang out in the plants and wood pieces throughout the tank. Unlike many of his species he also spends a lot of time foraging around the bottom of the tank for leftover blood-worms from his last snack.

Dwarf African Clawed Frogs are carnivores and do tend to make a mess of their tank substrate. It is especially helpful to also have tetras or other omnivorous fish in the same tank so they can maintain the substrate. Housing those types of fish can produce some difficulties when feeding your DACF, as they may try to eat your frogs meal. A really neat thing about these frogs though, when it comes to feeding them, they can be trained to eat out of your hand, a small plate, tweezers, etc..

DACFs should be kept in groups of at least two, preferably a male and female. Sometimes, you can hear male frogs "sing" in an attempt to attract their mate. Care should be used when choosing your frogs if you get them from a pet store, be sure to choose the most lively ones, as frogs lazing at the top may be on their last leg. It is important to note that these frogs do often float at the top of the tank, or near it, with their nose sticking out to relax. The action doesn't necessarily indicate illness however, be sure that your frog is also exploring the rest of its tank.

Due to the small size of these frogs and their feet, they are not the best swimmers. They should not be placed in tall tanks as they do breathe air and will need to travel to the top of the tank. They love environments with plants, wood, and other objects they can both hide in and use to rest, on their way up for air.

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