African Dwarf Frog

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Two frogs named Harry and Houdini!


North Carolina, United States

Posted Oct 28, 2014

The first time I saw these guys was on a kiosk in the middle of one of the busiest malls in my state about 10 years ago. It was the holiday shopping season and these underwater frogs were one of the numerous specialties being sold out in the middle of the walking aisle, surrounded by hundreds of shoppers. The cart had small clear cubes, about 6 inches wide, tall and deep. In these cubes was about 2 inches of rock on the bottom, a few pieces of vegetation and two small grayish brown frogs. They were tiny, maybe about as big as a nickel. It was a beautifully setup display and the price was very decent considering it included everything you’d need. My brother and I, who’d just gotten our allowance, had enough money to buy one cube together. A frog for each of us.
We exchanged excited glances and made the purchase. We brought them home and spent the rest of that night watching them swim around and take big gulps of air before plummeting back down to the bottom of the tank. The frogs can hold their breath for a long time and we used to compete to see whose frog could last the longest underwater. They were our magicians of the water. The frogs were very easy to take care of, even for two middle school kids. I would compare the experience to taking care of a goldfish. The water needed to be changed every so often as it would become slightly cloudy. They needed to be fed once or twice a day. But they were very unique and a delight to watch.
We kept them for a few months but the novelty faded and we eventually released them into the creek behind our house. I know. Not a good thing to do, but we were kids and didn’t know any better at the time. If you are considering this animal, please do the adequate research before attaining it. We shouldn’t have made the purchase like that, on a whim, in the middle of a busy mall with no knowledge of the creatures we were obtaining. They were definitely entertaining and I’d assume they’d be an excellent addition to an existing freshwater setup. Just make sure to be a responsible pet owner and you should enjoy many hours of fun with these frogs.

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