African Dwarf Frog

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Very fragile little creatures


Ontario, Canada

Posted Sep 03, 2014

As soon as I seen these little guys at the pet store I went home and did a google-search to find out all about them and how I could make my aquarium suitable to sustain their way of life. I took another trip back to the pet store and bought everything I needed to own a little frog, when I first put him in my aquarium he swam around with the other fish and got along with them all fine. He was the least-aggressive aquatic animal I have ever owned, he liked to examine the other fish but would not bother them at all. He would lay himself out flat and float on top of the water like he was dead (but he wasn't) I bought him a log to rest on and he was almost always on his log, it was hard for me to get him to eat the frog food the pet store gave me, it seemed like he was starving and not eating it. So I went out to another pet store and got a different type of food, he didn't seem to be eating that stuff either but I told myself I was just being paranoid and that he wouldn't have lasted these last few weeks without eating SOMETHING. I continued to try to feed him but it seemed like his food was never touched and would be at the bottom of the tank when I went to check on him (the food was floating food so it took a long time for it to reach the bottom). Within a few days I found him on the bottom of my aquarium, upside down and clearly dead. I was very sad to see him go because he was very peaceful and interesting to watch. I'm pretty sure he starved himself to death but I'm not sure why, or if all African dwarf frogs do this, but it was odd. I think maybe I just got a bad one or maybe I should have gotten him a friend so he didn't feel so lonely (even though there was a decent amount of fish in the tank). I would like to get another one of these cuties but from my experience I am wary of going to get another one in case the same thing happens again.

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