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Swim Along Little Froggy



Posted Apr 01, 2014

When I said little in the title I wasn't joking. These guys get to be a maximum of 1.5 inches (3 centimeters roughly) and boy are they easy to care for. The average life span of these guys is around 3-5 years in my experience. They are not handle able, they are simply too small, and as an interesting side note like many other (if not all) amphibians can actually be harmed by the oils in our skin. Is this to say don't pick up your whites dumpy tree frog? Yes (technically yes although they are hard to resist) as it is simply not healthy for the animal, and in the case of our fully aquatic friends, rather impossible. Still, these animals reward you through the act of watching. They way they interact with each other is really something to be seen. They toss and tumble around when the food arrives (in the form of brine shrimp) and then mellow out for the duration of the day and night. That being said, when they decide to move, boy do they move, top of the tank to the bottom. You will sometimes see them being sold in pairs in self sustaining eco-tanks that hold no more water than your average cereal bowl (although I do not know the quality of life that presents for the frogs, there size makes it possible) but if you are like me you don't just have one of these little guys, you have 8, because 1 would be lonely, 2 is not enough, why not more than 4, and well 8 is just great (yes I left out 6, blasted 7 steals its luck don't you know). I had all 8 of mine in a 10 gallon tank, and although I've heard whispers on the wind of some abnormally aggressive frogs (I really doubt this) they do have little claws that could potentially pose a threat to the frogs around them. Although I wouldn't treat that as anything more than just a myth. All I can really say about these guys is, if you see them and want a cheap pet that you can keep on your desk (again mine was a 10 gallon tank, and it was fun to watch them dart up and down top to bottom) than these guys are for you. They are really cheap too, as in 2 dollars each cheap. Besides, if you have an extra 10 gallon laying around, a desire to do a more plant oriented tank, and have some really cool tenants, than the African Dwarf Frog is right up your alley.

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