Froggy and Woggy

African Dwarf Frog

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Cuter and more fun than a Betta for your cubicle!


Oklahoma, United States

Posted Jul 27, 2013

Several years ago I decided I wanted a small pet to cheer up my otherwise bland cubicle at the office. I could have gone the typical route of Betta Fish, but I read up on African Dwarf Clawed Frogs and they were just so darn cute and tiny that I decided to get a couple. I named them Froggy and Woggy because I was so very clever, you see. I was able to keep them in a small fish bowl (2-3 times bigger than one of those tiny cubes Bettas come in), and in order to prevent them from jumping out of their little home and onto my desk (that wouldn't be very professional), I found a clear glass ashtray that nestled perfectly over the top of the globe. The built-in notched holes for cigarettes worked perfectly to allow the flow of oxygen while still preventing escape.

One difficulty I found was that every so often you had to remove the frogs, dump their water, then add new water and some chemicals. Wasn't the easiest thing to do with such tiny little wriggly, slippery things. The transfer process was awkward, especially at the office (I imagine it would be much easier in a home environment), and the slightest error in the water and chemical changing and mixing process can kill the frogs. Case in point, I went on vacation and asked a coworker to "frog-sit" for me. I came back to find an empty fish bowl and a sympathy card for the sad passing of my little amphibious friends. You see, my frog-sitter had forgotten to add the special drops to the water and the poor things died. So I honestly don't know how hardy they would have been, had that mishap not occurred.

In summary, I believe these darling little frogs are an interesting and cute alternative to your typical goldfish or Betta. I think kids would adore them, and the only reason I hesitate to recommend them for smaller children is because if they are not kept in a habitat that precludes children easily accessing the frogs, little ones who don't know any better might end up get hold of them and harming them, swallowing them (ick!), and who knows what else. However, with proper supervision and protection for the habitat, I believe younger children would love these little frogs. They might even be allowed to assist in the feeding, but I would suggest only allowing older and more responsible kids to help with the water changing process.

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