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Council Grove, Kansas, United States

Posted Jan 12, 2017

Have a thing for "strange" creatures? These little guys are awesome! I started caring for African Clawed frogs when I was a freshman in high school. I saw one in the pet store and I just HAD to have one! These are aquatic frogs, meaning that they stay submerged in water for their whole lives. They only go on land in the wild when they have to migrate to water that better suits their needs. African Clawed frogs come in a variety of colors, usually a mix of green and brown or black. Mine are albino. They're somewhat active little fellas. They like to swim back and forth across their aquariums. You will sometimes see them dart up to the surface to get air, and then dart straight down again. They also like to just chill out and enjoy the water.

If you have other fish, DO NOT GET THESE FROGS. Sure, they're tiny and cute in the pet store. But they grow. Big. They can grow to be eight inches in length if you love them like you should. As soon as a fish can fit in their mouth, it is frog food. There is no escape. I had the most beautiful fancy guppies in my tank and made the mistake of thinking they would be too big for my first frog to eat.... I was wrong. Sir Swimsalot and all of his fishy family had perished under my new frog's insatiable hunger. They are gluttonous little things that can live up to twenty years in perfect conditions.

You also have to be prepared to vacuum the bottom of the tank quite often. They definitely produce a lot of waste. Unfortunately, if you neglect this part of their care, they can get a common fatal disease called red leg. I'll spare you the gruesome details, but just know that it's painful and nasty.

All in all, they're great pets. They're fun to look at, easy to feed, and you'll get attached to them if you're anything like me. It's just best that they have no tank mates (with the exception of a large pleco... mine likes to socialize with my frogs). You also have to be prepared to clean the tank often. As long as you can do that, I'm sure you will love your new froggy friend!

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