African Clawed Frog

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Really neat experiment pet - tadpole to frog


United States

Posted Feb 29, 2016

I owned three of these when I was a kid as part of one of those childhood science kits where they send you a tadpole in the mail and you watch it grow up. I have no idea if those types of kits still exist these days, but if they do they are a great experience.

We ended up with three because the company would not send tadpoles when the weather was too cold so we would get "froglets". The tadpole that we got was also an experience as well as they have glassy skin in that stage of metamorphosis so you can see their internal organs. The froglets are about the size of a quarter but can grow really quickly. The largest of my African Clawed Frogs was about 5 inches long when he died after several years.

They are extremely easy to care for as long as you clean their cage regularly and keep the temperature stable. My frogs lived in a 10 gallon tank with no special equipment and they did just fine. They were a really great animal for kids to observe - although the observation only aspect of them might not be for some people. These are aquatic frogs and should not be handled. I think occasionally I would stick my hand in the bowl and gently touch their backs, but did not have any more contact than that because I didn't want to mess up their mucus layer.

Overall, a really neat animal and a great classroom pet (ours were donated to some preschool classrooms) and pretty easy to take care of. If you can manage to find them as tadpoles they are really fascinating!

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