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African Clawed Frog

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Posted Feb 04, 2014

I got two of these guys from a friend who was moving (and lived in a different state). She and her husband couldn't have ANY pets in the new place, and I had experience with reptiles and amphibians, so I drove these babies from DC to Ohio with my hubby on one of our trips. I was excited at the prospect, as I'd never even HEARD of them before, and her loving description was thoughtful and loving. They had french names (sorry, it was years ago and I can't remember them!) and recognized my friend and her husband and when feeding time came around. We safely got them home (tucked between my feet the whole drive), and my new amphibian adventure began...
He is Indian, so the frogs -- somehow, I do NOT know how -- had been raised vegetarian... She gave me the whole spiel and details, but we could NOT get them to eat! Which is weird because they are supposedly a type of frog who will eat basically ANYTHING smaller than them (rocks, etc.), but for us, nothing. Finally I got so worried about their health (2 days in) that I gave up and got the little feeder goldfish. Happy campers! So unfortunately, they were no longer vegetarian (sorry, hon!).
Maybe it was the size of their little tank, but they weren't very 'exciting' for me. They were incredibly active when they were hungry and when they were being fed, but only put out spurts of energy at other times, and you never knew when that would be... like, 1 AM. We didn't find many items big enough that they wouldn't eat but small enough to fit in the aquarium and leave space for movement, so they retained their original castle for fun and play, and one or two other rotating items as we tried new things.
I'd owned newts, fire-bellied toads, and other smaller partial-terrarium/partial-aquarium animals that I'd truly loved and enjoyed prior to these two, and I feel bad that they and I never clicked. Maybe the straight aquarium setup made me feel like they should be more like quiet, colorful, relaxing fish? That is certainly something they could never live up to.
Unfortunately, we lost our power for nearly a week one Christmas week, and they did not survive. I wish I had found them a better home before that happened, where they could be loved as they had been and appreciated for that they were.

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