My Name is Brooklyn

Facts about Me

Breed American Pit Bull Terrier

Gender Female

Age Adult

Pet ID 188781

Size Large

My Info


My Story

Brooklyn is a beautiful and affectionate 8-year-old Pit Bull Terrier who did not get the proper socialization when she was young. Consequently she is cautious around new people, but does warm up with a little time. Once she feels comfortable, she is loyal and very loving with her family. Brooklyn has very good house manners and knows some basic commands. She is very well house and crate trained. Her leash manners are pretty good, but would benefit from some additional work to eliminate the little pulling she may do. She has great eye contact and wants the connection to her family, so she will be easy to work with to improve on the skills she already has. Brooklyn loves hiking or running with her person, but is equally interested in cuddling for as long as she can. Running around the yard or playing with squeaky toys is also on her list of favorite pastimes. She responds well to food rewards and is partial to belly rubs and other types of physical affection. As is common with many Terriers, Brooklyn has a high prey drive, which means she does not do well with small animals of any type. Because she is a strong girl, we don't recommend a home with small children. She does do well with some dogs her size, but is selective in her choice of companions. Proper introductions will be essential. The home that will be the best for Brooklyn is an adult home with strong dog experience--a home that understands leadership and the management of Pit Bulls or other bully breeds. Brooklyn will bring fun and lots of love to the family that opens their home and heart to her.
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Pet ID 188781
Phone N/A
Address Silver Spring, 20918
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