About RightPet

Who We Are

RightPet is an international, independent, and unbiased site, whose mission is to discover the most effective animal products, techniques and practices for specific health and behavioral conditions.The data used to compile these lists comes from reviews from animal professionals and owners, as well as clinical study findings.

RightPet launched in October 2008, and is based in Santa Barbara, California USA. RightPet is the largest pet care rating and recommendation site on the web.

How We Are Funded

RightPet is privately funded, and does not receive any money from pet product manufacturers or sellers, or from health or pharmaceutical companies. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made through links we display throughout the site.

Our Content

RightPet content is written by a variety of individuals, including animal owners, breeders, healthcare professionals, and trainers.

We are willing to list any animal wellness or treatment product, technique or practice which is used by animal professionals or owners.

RightPet user reviews need to abide by the site's Content Guidelines.

For each health condition, site users can filter the review display to view only "Veterinary professional reviews". RightPet currently considers licensed veterinarians, veterinary techs, and veterinary school students to be "veterinary professionals".

For each behavior and training condition and treatment, site users can filter the review display to view only "Trainer professional reviews". RightPet currently considers animal trainers, and zoo and wildlife professionals to be "Trainer professionals".

A Few Things You Can Do On RightPet

  • See which treatment and wellness options exist for a huge variety of animal and breed/species specific health and behavioral concerns.
  • Check out reviews from vets and other pet owners to see what works - and what's not worth the time or money.
  • Track the pet foods, medical treatments, exercise routines etc. you've used with your different pets.
  • Use RightPet Match to find the dog, cat, bird or snake that's right for your experience, lifestyle, personality, and pet preferences.
  • 32 animals
  • 4,000+ animal breeds and species
  • 65,000 pet owner reviews of their animals
  • 1 million plus breed / species specific vet and pet owner reviews of wellness, health, and behavior products and strategies.